Sujay Kaushal

Professor, University of Maryland - College Park
Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center & Geology


Research Focus: 

The ecology and biogeochemistry of watersheds and aquatic ecosystems, primarily through long-term studies in the Chesapeake Bay region.

Current Students

Joe Galella

Geology Ph.D 

University of Maryland - College Park


Research Focus: Freshwater salinization has been shown to affect much of temperate North America and Europe. Positive trends in freshwater specific conductance, base cations and pH have been observed in datasets spanning the past 50 years. However, little is known about the effects of salinization at smaller temporal timescales. Preliminary results indicate that salinization induces both base cation exchange and increased metal mobility during and after winter precipitation events. Salts may also be accumulating in groundwater and soils surrounding road networks, never being fully flushed out of the system during the summer and fall.

Carol Morel
Kelsey Wood

Research Associate

Dr. Shuiwang Duan

University of Maryland - College Park Research Associate


Research Focus: I am studying organic matter sources and composition, and how they affect nutrients, organic contaminants, and heavy metals in aquatic environments. I am investigating the effects of climate change and watershed landuse on water quality of streams, and using Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) to predict future changes in nutrient and carbon inputs from land to the coastal ocean. I am also interested in hydrological model developments for tracking sources and in-stream processing of organic matter and nutrients.

Faculty Assistant

Jenna Reimer

Faculty Assistant

University of Maryland, College Park

B.S. Geology from University of Maryland, College Park


Alumni and Past Personnel

Former Graduate Students


Shahan Haq

Ph.D. Geology 2018: "Effects of Salinization on Base Cation, Nutrient, Carbon, and Trace Metal Biogeochemistry in Human-Impacted Rivers in the Eastern US"

Currently: RMS Consulting, San Francisco, CA


Tom Doody

Ph.D. Geology 2017: "Hydrological, Biological, and Geochemical Relationships among Carbon, Nitrogen, and Base Cations in Restored and Unrestored Urban Streams"

Currently: USGS, Reston, Va

Rose Smith

Ph.D. Geology 2016: "Dissolved and 

Gaseous Fluxes of Carbon and Nitrogen from Urban Watersheds of the Chesapeake Bay"

Currently: Research Assistant Professor, Biology at the University of Utah

Michael Pennino

Ph.D. MEES 2016: "Sources and Transformations of Nitrogen and Carbon in Urban Watersheds"

Currently: Princeton University, NJ; U.S. EPA

Tammy Newcomer-Johnson

Ph.D. MEES 2015: “Nitrogen Uptake and Denitrification in Restored and Degraded-Urban Streams: Impacts of Organic Carbon and Integrated Stormwater Management”

Currently: Ecologist with US Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Research and Development in Cincinnati, OH. 

Gwen Sivirichi

M.S. MEES 2009: "Longitudinal Patterns in Streamwater Chemistry and Carbon and Nitrogen Mass Balances in Restored and Degraded Stream Networks."

Currently: AKRF Environmental Consulting, MD

Katie Delaney

M.S. MEES 2009: "Organic Nitrogen and Carbon Transformations in a Stream Network of Chesapeake Bay Watershed."

Currently: US Forest Service, OR

Carolyn Klocker

M.S. MEES 2007: "Whole Stream Nitrogen Uptake and Denitrification in a Restored Stream of the Chesapeake Bay."

Currently: Cornell University Cooperative Education, NY

Kristy Hopfensperger

Ph.D. MEES 2007: "Effects of Annual and Perennial Community Dynamics on Tidal Freshwater Marsh Ecosystem Functioning." (co-advised)

Currently: Associate Professor, Northern Kentucky University; Director, Environmental Science Program

Former Research Assistants

Kelsey Wood
Shahan Haq
Julia Gorman
Metthea Yepsen
Casie Smith
Melissa Grese
Ashley Sides Raley
Casey Sperling

UMD Graduate School

UMD Graduate School, RMS Consulting, San Francisco, CA

Pennsylvania Dept. of Environment, PA

Nature Conservancy, NJ, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

USGS, Portland, OR

AKRF Environmental Consulting, MD

Resource Management Concepts Inc.

UMCES Chesapeake Biological Lab, MD

Former Research Associates

Shuiwang Duan

University of Maryland, MD

Bala Mathukumalli 
Guangming Zheng


Former Visiting Scientists

Kevin Magerr 


Hong Deng 

East China Normal University, China

Jinliang Huang ​
Bibhash Nath 

Xiamen University, China​

University of Sydney, Australia

Former  Undergraduate Collaborators and Senior Thesis Students

William Nguyen 
Daniel Silberstein
Julian Leal
Megan Houlihan

Stanford University Grad School

Kevin Mei

MTI Engineering and Testing, Vienna VA

Katherine Haviland

Cornell University Grad School, NY

Grant Jiang

UDel Grad School, New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission

Shahan Haq

UMD Graduate School, RMS Consulting

Tom Doody

UMD Grad School, USGS, Reston

Benjamin Smith

New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission, CT

Steven Hohman

AECOM Consulting, MD, University of Florida graduate school 

University of Puerto Rico, PR

Harold Manrique Hernandez
Tess VanOrden
Evan McMullen
Evan Smith

Rice University, TX, Brown and Caldwell Consulting, TX

Environmental Alliance, MD; Kleinfelder Consulting, MD

Carnegie Mellon Grad School, PA; AMT Engineering, MD

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